Advantages and Disadvantages of Snail Mail

November 12 2018

When was the last time you got a letter that you really enjoyed opening? A letter that wasn’t a bill or spammy retailing coupon, a letter or package that made you smile and run inside to open and devour its contents? The art of snail mail, or standard posted mail, has the power to bring friends, family, and customers alike a feeling of joy right in their home. In this blog, we will explain the benefits of using snail mail for clients, business activities, as well as some drawbacks.

Benefits for Clients

While a thank-you email can have the same words typed, a handwritten letter always sends a better message. Clients and customers alike will always appreciate the extra touch of a handwritten thank-you card or even an addressed envelope. Handwritten correspondence also makes your mail stand out from spam letters, which makes up nearly 50% of all posted mail. This statistic is better than online correspondence, as over 80% of emails are considered spam.

Another way to benefit clients and breed loyalty is by sending a small package including a small free gift or sample along with a simple yet compelling message. You can’t do that over the world wide web! Make sure to always use recycled, reused or reclaimed materials, or even consider seeded-paper that can grow into a real plant after it has been used.

Benefits for Business

Using postal mail for business activities like tax forms or invoices is generally more reliable than their online platform counterparts. This is not to say that this mailing method is faster (because it is not!), but having hard and tangible copies of these documents filed in your office space makes it easier to trace and reference when needed, and is best practice. Using a mail carrier service to handle confidential documents between you and your clients also increases your business’ security, and is less likely to be stolen unlike online platforms where hackers are more likely to get your private information.

Using snail mail strategically with customers as mentioned earlier gives your business a competitive advantage but standing out from competitors by giving your products and services more of a personal touch, breeding customer loyalty and repeat purchase.

Drawbacks of Snail Mail

Despite its benefits, snail mail does have a few drawbacks that make some businesses shy away from it. Its name is not a misnomer. Snail mail is relatively slow compared to instant correspondence online. It can also be expensive compared to online methods, but it can be argued it has a stronger impact on clientele.

Although snail mail is more secure compared to emails and online messages, there is a risk of a parcel or letter getting lost if not tracked properly. Depending on the nature of your business, these risks should be considered when choosing your communication strategy.

No matter what your business goals are, postal mail should be considered as a communication channel to clients and customers alike. Don’t know where to begin? Here at Boxtopia we have all kinds of packaging supplies to get you started. Even if used in combination with online correspondence, snail mail never fails to send the right message!


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