Dodo Juice used our 0201 style boxes

The 0201 is the most common style of box we manufacture, but all sorts of unusual products are packed in them. Look at what Dodo Juice is doing with our boxes! Our speciality is  custom made cardboard boxes in short runs, with minimum orders starting at just one box. These boxes have been supplied to a specific size to restrict movement inside.

Other products may require a different sort of packaging...

We can even supply the dividers to give added protection.

Or layer pads to give stability between multiple layers.

The 0201 is generally used for outer packaging and is one of the most cost-effective styles you can buy. We can produce these boxes in single wall or double wall corrugated cardboard, and they come to you flat-packed.

However, if you need something more stylish we can also manufacture in colour. We currently stock single wall board in brown, white, black and royal blue. We also supply printed tape, which can increase your brand awareness, create a positive image and encourage customer loyalty.