Green Business Tips: How to Make Your Business More Eco-Friendly

October 29 2018

Today, owning and operating a business that is eco-friendly is just as important as the success of the business itself. Not only is a green business good for the environment, it also has a major positive impact on your company’s bottom line. But where do you begin?

Using the 3 R’s of the waste hierarchy as a guideline (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle), – reducing your carbon footprint, reusing everyday items, and recycling equipment – is a great way to start.

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Reduce your carbon footprint by letting your employees work from home

Working from home is environmentally friendly in two ways: it reduces your firm’s carbon footprint by eliminating emissions produced from commuting, and saves resources through the increased use of online services. These saved resources could include things like paper and stationary by eliminating the need of tangible contracts and material and instead calling for electronic files and documents. Large companies such as REI and IKEA that have eco-friendly mindsets and business models have already taken this idea onboard, and encourage their employees to work from home for a certain number of days per year.

Start-ups and new ventures are increasingly implementing flexible working policies that benefit employees’ increasingly busy lifestyles as well as the planet. This is possible through technological advancements in internet speeds, unified communications systems, and cloud computing that allow for constant access to files and documents over the world wide web.

Introduce reusable cups, mugs & water bottles

While reducing your company’s carbon footprint is a good first step, you can go further through introducing reusable items around your office. Gone are the days of disposable branded plastic cups that pile up in the office bin, and in are the days of reusable mugs and water bottles that can be personalised however you want!

Large coffee chains like Cafe Nero are getting onboard with the reusable cup trend as well, and implementing policies such as double loyalty card stamps if a patron brings a reusable cup with them. Encouraging your employees to get more use out of the company’s physical resources will cut down your costs as well as minimising the waste that piles up.

Recycle electronics

The UK creates about 1.4 million tons of electronic waste per-year, from computers to phones and even fridges. We are one of the worst countries for responsibly disposing of these items, while also being the 6th highest producer of electronic waste in the world. Every company across Britain needs to step up their recycling game for the sake of the planet.

Donating unneeded or outdated devices to reputable charities, as well as properly recycling broken electronics to firms that fix or repurpose them is increasingly important as an eco-friendly measure. Moreover, recycling electronics not only benefits the planet, but also others that cannot access or afford this technology when it’s new.

Whether you work for a large firm, own your own startup, or you’re self-employed and working from a home office, implementing eco-friendly initiatives and green business tactics is more important now than ever. By remembering to reduce, reuse, and recycle you can start making your business green now!

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