How to convert your closet

November 8 2018

Imagine you’ve just moved into your dream office space or high street shop. You have so much room for everything! In fact, extra room! While you’re trying to give everything a place, you will inevitably find yourself with an unused storage closet that will inevitably be used for random bits and bobs until it becomes a disorganised disaster zone.

But wait! Before you start cramming it with last year’s laptops, cardboard boxes and outdated stationery, first consider converting it into a usable space for you and your employees. Don’t know where to start? Have no fear! Here at Boxtopia we’ve provided our top 3 ways to convert your closet.

Extra Office Space

Depending on the size of the closet, you can turn your unused closet space into additional office space for admin activities and housekeeping purposes. First, make sure to clean out the space and take measurements to then customise it.

You will need to take measurements to consider the worktop/countertop, additional shelving or cabinets for storage, as well as a backsplash that can conceal cords and wires. You should decide what kind of electronics your office space will have, including laptops, phones, or lighting over the countertop.

Finally, you should pick a seating option that can be easily stored under the worktop, so that the space is compact. For a full step by step guide on how to build an extra office space from scratch, check out this article.

Slide-Out Filing Cabinet or Shelving System

If your closet is relatively small, it can still be useful as a slide-out filing cabinet to store important files, letters, and stationery. Like the previous DIY idea, this involves clearing out the space, taking measurements, and deciding on how many shelves to put in based on your business needs.

This closet conversion is ideal for spaces that could benefit from some additional organisation and prevents clutter and messy desk buildup. For example, you could create a slide-out filing cabinet for important documents, and a slide out drawer for miscellaneous office supplies like batteries and staplers. This will save space around the office while also making sure everything has a place. For more ideas, look at these posts.

Packing Corner

Lastly, if you need some extra space for stationary to ship and send packages from your business, look no further! Every office large or small should have a designated packing area for shipping parcels or letters, and converting a closet into this space could be the perfect solution.

Make sure you include shelving or cabinets to store all the materials you need from envelopes and boxes to stamps and tape. This DIY project is ideal for small businesses or stores that are sending a small to medium amount of inventory to customers. For additional ways to organise your new packing station, look no further.

Whether you need to create extra space for your office or simply organise your space efficiently, converting your closet into a useable and functional area is a great way to get the most out of your money.


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