How to maximise your storage space at home or work

December 3 2018

Running a small business and/or household is hard enough without stressing about storage. What’s worse is that the longer your ignore the problem, the bigger an issue it's going to become! But fear not, because here at Boxtopia we have some top tips on how to maximise your storage spce, and keep it organised.

1. Install shelving in cupboards and closets where you can

Depending on the size of your storage area, shelves can be a great way to maximise space. Unlike shelves that sit in plain sight around your office or home, shelves in storage spaces don’t have to be a  piece of art – they exist for their function alone. Choose your wood based on strength and take into consideration the weight of the objects you need to store. You can install shelves by first drilling wood blocks into the sides of the storage area. Then, lay the shelf over the boards and drill them in. Simple, easy, and effective. Shelving isn’t merely an ideal way to save space, but also helps organise your items and keep clutter at bay!

How to maximise your storage space at home or work

2. Commit to staying organised

As simple as this tip may seem, staying organised is the key to maximising your storage space. A messy space is a crowded one and makes for a disorderly disaster zone. Stay on top of what you’re storing by creating an inventory of your items and their relative location. For example, if you need to store stationery items like birthday cards or pens, have a designated place, such as on the first shelf, so that they are easily accessible. Creating an inventory also allows others to locate and store things easily, without you having to worry about things being put back in the wrong place. Efficient and effective!

How to maximise your storage space at home or work

3. Use hooks for whatever you can

You can max out your storage space by adding additional hooks to keep things tidy. Hooks are easier than shelves as they require little to no assembly. They’re also cheaper! You can be creative with this tip. Try out adhesive stationary wall hooks, or even ‘S’ hooks to store different household & office items. These hooks are adjustable, can slide back and forth on a rod or wire, and added/removed instantly. Hooks are a great way to add more storage capacity for walls, doors, wardrobes, or whatever storage space you have to work with!

How to maximise your storage space at home or work

4. Use external storage for non-essential items

Many homes and offices have old items of furniture, hardware or various miscellaneous bits and pieces lying around that they can’t throw away, but also don’t really need to be kept in your immediate vicinity. Placing these non-essentials in external storage clears out the space for other items that you do need to access on a regular basis. You’ll be amazed out how much space you can find in your garage or storage cupboards when remove the things you don’t need.

How to maximise your storage space at home or work

Self-storage doesn’t cost a great deal and is especially useful if you’re holding on to items until you need them again or until you can sell them or get rid of them another way. A good set of regular sized, labelled cardboard boxes is your biggest ally in this situation. Aim for boxes of the same size for the best use of your available external storage space and remember to look into double-walled boxes if you’re storing heavy or irregularly shaped items.

If you need a hand with getting the right boxes for your storage space, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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