What is Excessive Packaging?

February 27 2019

We've all ordered something small online and had it arrive in a giant box. However, many companies are unaware of their excessive packaging, or unsure how to package their items correctly.

Instagram account ‘Pointless Packaging’ (@pointless_packaging) is highlighting the extent of this excessive packaging pandemic.

Of course, these are extreme examples, but if you can avoid packaging your items in single-use plastic then do so. The Packaging Essential Requirements Regulations (2015) state that: “Packaging volume and weight must be the minimum amount to maintain the necessary levels of safety, hygiene and acceptance for the packed product and for the consumer”. Therefore, it is in your best interest to ensure your packages follow the regulations.

We’re committed to helping businesses move towards more sustainable packaging solutions  – find out more about how we do that and our environmentally friendly packaging.

Tips & Tricks

We have put together our top tips for packaging your products:

1: Use common sense. If an item is small and doesn’t need much protection, choose a small box, such as Boxtopia’s 0201 Single Wall Box.

2: If you need the product to look presentable, choose to wrap it in a recyclable material, such as our tissue paper.

3: If a customer orders in bulk, aim to package the items into the same box. You can use Boxtopia’s Box Calculator to create a bespoke box that is just the right size.

4: If your customer has ordered a precious item, you can choose Boxtopia’s biodegradable void-fill to keep it safe.

5: Encourage your customers to recycle your packaging. Highlight the material that the product is packaged in, and add one of the 7 recycling codes. For more advice on these, read our Guide to Plastic Recycling blog post.

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