Cardboard Box Size Guide

Choosing the right dimensions for your box

It’s important to understand the dimensions of cardboard boxes before you choose the right product for your needs. All of the boxes sold by Boxtopia have their dimensions listed in the format length x width x height – these measurements refer to the internal dimensions of the boxes to avoid confusion between single and double-walled boxes.

How to measure your product

Now that you understand how Boxtopia’s dimensions work, the next step to finding the right box for you is to measure your product. Below are only our recommendations for finding the right sized box. Measure the length, width, and height of your item in mm. The tape or opening of a box usually runs down the length of the box. The length is ALWAYS longer than the width. The image below will help you with identifying these measurements:

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Example boxes for common items

It can be difficult to visualise the size of boxes when determining which product to select or which dimensions to enter into the calculator. The chart below includes a range of items that you may wish to package, each of which is associated with an appropriately sized Boxtopia product on our website. Please note that these are examples only; our boxes can be made to bespoke sizes to ANY size you require and are suitable for all kinds of different products. We also offer custom box printing. Call us if you ever need help choosing the right size and style for your items.

Common cardboard box types

You can buy 0426 boxes, 0427 boxes and both single and double wall boxes through Boxtopia’s online box shop and bespoke Box Calculator. Please note our website only gives a selection of box sizes and styles. We can make ANY Fefco style and to ANY size. Below, we’ve written a quick guide to each type of box.

Single wall boxes

Single wall boxes are an affordable, lightweight packaging option that works for all kinds of different products. They’re not suitable for very heavy items, which are better served by a double wall box.

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Double wall boxes

Made from a durable 6mm layer of corrugated cardboard, our double wall boxes are durable and suitable for heavier items.

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0426 & 0427 die-cut boxes

Die cut postal boxes slot together without requiring tape and are available in a range of colours. We can print in black on brown and white boxes, but they can also be personalised with branded stickers, so they are ideal for use as subscription boxes and other forms of eye-catching packaging. 0426 boxes have a lid that folds into the top of the box, whereas 0427 boxes have a lid that comes all the way over the top then folds into the side of the box.

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Choosing a box based on item weight

Although the size of your items is an important consideration when selecting the correct box, it’s also vital to think about how much they weigh. Lighter items are fine to be transported in a single wall box – in fact, doing so will be cheaper for you and better for the environment. For heavier goods, you may want to think about investing in double wall boxes.

  • As a general rule, items up to 10kg can be transported using a single wall box, although it does depend on the size of the box being used.
  • For items up to 18kg, a double wall box is recommended, depending on the size of the box.
  • If your item weighs more than 20kg, then you’ll need to look into specialist packaging methods.

Choosing a box based on item shape

In addition to size and weight, the shape of your items is worth considering when selecting an appropriate box. Boxtopia’s 0201 boxes can be filtered by long, short, square, and tall shapes, enabling you to choose the box that’s right for your item. The website only gives a small selection of sizes. We make ANY box size to order. The Boxtopia Box Calculator also allows you to input the exact size of your product to ensure that you get the right shape of box.

As noted above, we recommend leaving up to 20mm of space all around your items if you wish to add bubble wrap (depending on how much is required for your item), and no more than 5mm of extra space on each dimension for manoeuvrability. Leaving too much space and relying solely on packaging protection can result in your packages rattling and becoming damaged. Equally, transporting poorly fitting goods in large containers is not cost-effective or environmentally friendly. This is why we make bespoke boxes and work to internal dimensions.

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