DHL Box Sizes and Price Guide 2024

What are DHL’s Parcel Sizes?

DHL offers 8 different parcel sizes including an envelope as part of its DHL Service Point courier service with a maximum size of 48 x 40 x 39cm and weight up to 25kg .The other DHL Express services are DHLiTNow and DHL By Phone which both have a maximum size of 120 x 80 x 80 cm and a weight limit of 70kg.

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DHL Express Parcel Sizes – Updated 2022

DHL Box Size Maximum Size Maximum Weight United Kingdom*
Europe EU*
Europe Non-EU*
USA, Canada & Mexico*
Rest of World*
ENVELOPE 1 27 x 35 x 2cm 0.5kg 7.95 22.95 28.95 30.95 38.95
BOX 2 34 x 18 x 10cm 1.5kg 13.95 33.95 36.95 37.95 49.95
BOX 3 34 x 32 x 10cm 3kg 15.95 36.95 39.95 40.95 57.95
BOX 4 34 x 32 x 18cm 7kg 16.95 42.95 49.95 55.95 78.95
BOX 5 34 x 32 x 34cm 12kg 19.95 61.95 79.95 89.95 138.95
BOX 6 42 x 36 x 37cm 18kg 21.95 78.95 104.95 109.95 172.95
BOX 7 48 x 40 x 39cm 25kg 23.95 94.95 119.95 125.95 199.95

* For a country-specific transit time estimate you would need to get a quote from DHL.

DHLITNOW Parcel Size

DHL’s DHLITNOW service delivers parcels up to 120 x 80 x 80 cm in size and up to 70kg in weight. You pay in advance and a DHL courier collects it from your home or office.

DHL BY PHONE Parcel Size

DHL’s service delivers parcels up to 20 x 80 x 80 cm in size and up to 70kg in weight. To use the DHL by phone service you need to call their Customer Services on 0844 248 0828. Calls do cost 7p per minute plus your phone carrier’s charge.

DHL Packaging Guide

DHL provides customers with free packaging from its DHL Service Points. However, use your own boxes and DHL offers advice on doing this.

DHL recommends good quality packaging, which includes double wall corrugated cardboard boxes for heavy items.

DHL also recommends making sure you choose the right size box for the items you are sending, as under-filled boxes can collapse and over-filled boxes can burst.

Leaving no empty space is great advice. You can use packing peanuts to fill any gaps in your packaging. If you’re sending multiple items in a box you can also consider cardboard dividers which are commonly used when sending bottles through the post.

Protecting with a good seal prevents your box becoming damaged or exposed during shipping. Packaging tape is designed exactly to keep your box secure and safe from accidental damage.

Who are DHL?

DHL is a logistics company established in the USA in 1969 and named after its founders (Dalsey, Hillblom and Lynn). DHL is now owned by Deutsche Post and headquartered in Germany and known as ‘DHL Express’. Worldwide DHL has a workforce of 400,000 in 220 countries and territories, with 1.6 billion parcels delivered every year.

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