DPD Parcel Sizes

DPD (Dynamic Parcel Distribution) is the second-largest express parcel courier service in Europe and delivers over 5.2 million parcels worldwide every day.

DPD offers a number of different services you can send parcels with including timed and special services and also offer international delivery.

Knowing the right size of box can help you make the most of the DPD service you are paying for and make sure your goods are delivered safely to their destination. Use our handy box sizing guide to make sure you get the right sized box for your DPD package.

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DPD Local Parcel Sizes

DPD Local used to be known as Interlink Express before being rebranded as DPD Local. DPD Local offers two distinct services: Domestic and International. Both services use girth as a measurement of your package.

How Do I Calculate the Size of a Package?

To measure the size of your package size use this formula: Length + 2(Width + Height).

Step One

Measure the longest side of your package. This is the length.

Step Two

Calculate the ‘girth’ of the package by adding together the width and the height – and doubling the total.

Step Three

Add the length and the girth together. This is what DPD Local calls the “girth” of your package.

DPD Local Domestic Parcel Delivery

DPD Local’s domestic services have a maximum weight of 30kg and a maximum length of 1 metre (1000mm). DPD allow a “maximum girth” of 230cm (2300mm). Domestic shipping is priced on the volumetric weight.

Service Weight Dimensions
Door 2 Door UK Services Maximum weight: 30 kg Maximum girth: 230cm
ExpressPak Services Maximum weight: 5 kg Maximum girth: 82cm
DPD Drop Off UK Services Maximum weight: 20 kg No two sides longer than 120cm when combined
DPD Ireland Two Day Maximum weight: 31 kg Maximum girth: 230cm

DPD Local International Parcel Delivery

DPD Local’s international services allow you to send parcels of up to 31.5kg in weight.

Service Weight Dimensions
DPD Classic Max weight: 31.5 kg Max girth: 300cm
DPD Air Classic Max weight: 31.5 kg Max girth: 300cm
DPD Air Express Max weight: 31.5 kg Max girth: 300cm
DPD Classic – drop off Max weight: 20 kg No side longer than 60cm: 180cm
DPD Air Classic – drop off Max weight: 20 kg No side longer than 60cm: 180cm
DPD Air Express- drop off Max weight: 20 kg No side longer than 60cm: 180cm

DPD Parcel sizes

DPD’s package sizing is quite simple. Parcels can weigh a maximum of 31.5kg. The dimensions of the parcel cannot be more than 3 metres. This can be worked out by using the calculation Length + 2(Width + Height). Another stipulation is that the length of the parcel cannot be longer than 1.75 metres. DPD recommends making sure that your packaging is robust enough to handle shipping. We stock a large range of high quality cardboard boxes and all of the packaging extras you need to make your parcels secure. Visit the DPD Local website to find out more about their parcel size requirements. The shipping guide on the DPD website has more information about their package size restrictions.

DPD Sized Boxes

The largest of our double walled cardboard boxes is 762 x 457 x 457mm so would comfortably fit within the maximum girth allowed by DPD.

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