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Evri – Hermes Parcel Size Guide

Evri Europe GmbH (formerly Hermes) is a worldwide delivery company with its HQ in Leeds and is owned by Advent, a private equity firm. Evri operates in Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Russia and the UK.

Evri  provide both personal and business based delivery and collection services in the UK.

Hermes Parcel Size Guide

Evri/Hermes allows you to send parcels that weigh up to 15kg and have a maximum length of 120cm, with a maximum volume of 245cm. Read our guide on how to calculate the volume of a box. Basically, to work out the volume of your parcel add together the two shortest dimensions and multiply by two and add the length. If the result of that calculation is equal or less than 245cm you can send your parcel via Hermes.

The size of Hermes parcels is determined by weight, except for packages that fit into the Postable category.

Hermes Postable parcels have a maximum parcel size of 35cm long x 23cm wide x 3cm deep with maximum weight up to 1kg. This makes the packages letterbox friendly. If want to find out how to measure your package size take a look at our Cardboard Box Size Guide.

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Hermes Small Parcel Size

If you’re using the Royal Mail Size guide of what a small parcel is, Hermes offer two options – up to 1kg and between 1kg-2kg. Pricing is based on which of these weight bands the size of your parcel fits into, and your choice of service. Hermes offers both drop offs at their ParcelShops and Lockers, and a courier service.

Evri – Hermes Parcel Prices & Postage Costs

Parcel weight ParcelShop or Locker drop off Courier collection
Postable (Under 1kg)
Next Day: £3.29 (£2.74 + VAT)


Standard: £2.69 (£2.24 + VAT)
Not available for postable packages.
Under 1kg
Next Day: £3.94 (£3.28 + VAT)


Standard: £2.99 (£2.49 + VAT)
Standard: £3.98 (£3.32 + VAT)
1kg to 2kg
Next Day: £5.34 (£4.45 + VAT)


Standard: £4.34 (£3.62 + VAT)
Standard: £5.33 (£4.44 + VAT)
2kg to 5kg
Next Day: £6.86 (£5.72 + VAT)


Standard: £5.86 (£4.88 + VAT)
Standard: £6.85 (£5.71 + VAT)
5kg to 10kg
Next Day: £6.94 (£5.78 + VAT)


Standard: £5.94 (£4.95 + VAT)
Standard: £6.94 (£5.78 + VAT)
10kg to 15kg
Next Day: £10.97 (£9.14 + VAT)


Standard: £9.28 (£7.73 + VAT)
Standard: £10.26 (£8.55 + VAT)

*Next day services are not always available from Evri – Hermes. Some locations will be more expensive to deliver to and Hermes may add a location charge of £2.65 when sending parcels from and delivering parcels to certain postcodes, unless sending to the same postcode area the parcel is sent from (e.g. NG1 to NG18).

You can check current prices on the Evri- Hermes website.

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