Bottle Boxes & Packaging

Boxtopia’s cardboard box dividers and double wall boxes are perfect for protecting bottles – order today.

Bottle boxes need to be sturdy and have enough room for box dividers to keep your bottles from getting damaged in transit.

Boxtopia’s cardboard box dividers are bespoke, so can be customised to fit any size or number of bottles and will fit inside any double wall box or single wall box that you choose. They can also come with pads to separate multiple layers of bottles.

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Recommended bottle boxes

The size of the box will depend on the size of the product and how many bottles you want to transport. We can work this out for you but, generally, we would suggest measuring the maximum dimension (LxWxH) of the product; adding 3 mm for the thickness of each single wall divider; and then adding another 3-5 mm for manoeuvrability and this should ensure a snug fit.

Printed bottle boxes

Boxtopia’s bottle boxes can be customised with printed logos or text. To create a custom branded box for your bottles, speak to our team today.

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Due to UK-wide paper shortages for the production of corrugated board, there are now industry-wide disruptions within UK box making plants. Orders over 200m2 will take approximately eight weeks.
Despite the current circumstances with COVID-19, Boxtopia remains open for business as usual. We are able to deliver bespoke boxes to anywhere in the country. For more information on our response to the situation, please visit our Coronavirus business update.