0427 320 x 320 x 70mm (Black)


Buy black 0427 style boxes with a length of 320 mm, a width of 320 mm and a height of 70 mm. These internal dimensions are equivalent to 12.5 x 12.5 x 2.7 inches. These boxes are die cut, which means they fold together with no need for tape.

Prices for our 320 x 320 x 70 mm boxes start from £52.50 for 25 boxes, which is the equivalent of £2.10 per box. Get them for as little as £1.932 per box when you order 100.

Quantity Price per box Total price Delivery charge
25 £2.10 £52.5 £12.90
50 £1.824 £91.2 £15.70
100 £1.932 £193.2 £23.87

These black 320 x 320 x 70 mm boxes are made in the 0427 style. This is one of our tallest and widest die cut boxes which can easily fit a medium/large sized product or a couple of different products.

If a die cut box isn’t what you’re looking for, explore our full range of cardboard boxes or build your own bespoke box. You can further customise any box you buy with our box printing service

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