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Laptop boxes need to be durable and well-fitted, ensuring that your laptop is protected with no room to move about in transit.

Boxtopia’s 0427 die-cut boxes are ideal for packaging laptops. The 0427 style folds is easy to assemble, with no need for glue or tape. The lid comes all the way over the top of the box and slots into the sides to close.

These boxes are excellent for packaging standard 13-inch laptops. If you need to package a laptop of a different size, give us a call to discuss your requirements. There is a small selection of 0427 die-cut boxes online but we have over 200 tools so there may be another size that we can offer.

If a die cut box is not required, one of the other conventional box styles such as 0201, 0203 or 0411 may be more appropriate.

Use the bespoke box calculator to create custom boxes or get in touch to find out more.

What size laptop box do you need?

The size of the box depends on the laptop you want to package. Laptop measurements usually refer to the diagonal measurement of the screen and are in inches. As the sizes on our website are measured in millimetres, we’ve created a handy conversion list to help you decide. Please note that laptops vary in size so this is a GUIDE ONLY. It is always best to measure the product to be packaged yourself and then add, say, 5 mm to each dimension. All our boxes are based on internal dimensions.

Inches Millimetres
11 244 x 138
13 288 x 181
15 305 x 229
17 366 x 229

Particularly when packaging delicate items like laptops, it’s best to leave a little extra room. Choose a box that’s slightly bigger than the dimensions of your laptop and pad it out with protective materials.

The average laptop is around 1.25 inches tall, so all of the 0427 range should have enough room in terms of height – it’s best to choose a 40, 50, or 70mm box to achieve a relatively snug fit and reduce the amount of padding you require. Please remember that we can custom make boxes to fit your product exactly – just give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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