Large Cardboard Boxes for Posting & Transporting

Boxtopia’s large cardboard boxes are sturdy and durable – order today.

Large boxes need to be appropriately strong to withstand the weight and bulk of the larger items they contain.

Boxtopia’s large double wall boxes are ideal for transporting/posting all kinds of bigger items. Made from a 6mm thick sheet of corrugated cardboard, our double wall boxes are sturdy enough to hold larger and heavier items, staying intact in transit and resisting damage. With our box calculator, you can order large boxes in whatever size you require.

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Recommended large boxes

The products above are examples of some of our larger box sizes. However, you can get a quote for any bespoke size with our Box Calculator.

These double wall size options are perfect for use as large boxes for posting. However, if your items are particularly light despite their size, then you might want to take a look at our single wall boxes. These use less material, making them cheaper and better for the environment. For smaller sizes, visit our single wall boxes or die cut boxes page.

Printed large postal boxes

Dependent on size Boxtopia’s large boxes can be customised with printed logos or text. Printing is available in-house in black only (max print area being 210 x 70 mm high) – colour printing may be available for larger orders. To create a custom branded package for your postal boxes, speak to our team today.

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