Custom Printed Boxes

Our box printing services can be used with our wide range of products including traditional flat-packed shipping boxes and the die-cut mailer boxes popular with subscription services.

We can print both conventional style boxes that require tape to seal and die cut boxes that generally do not need tape to seal. We offer both single and full-colour printing.

To take advantage of our bespoke box printing service and get custom packaging boxes that look just right, give the team at Boxtopia a ring today on 01476 576 090

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Printed Boxes: Example with Aminoman Logo

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UK Custom Printed Boxes No Minimum Order

You only buy what you need, making our printed custom boxes ideal for small businesses, experimental lines, and one-offs. We’re one of the only companies in the UK who can print your logo on very short runs in single or full colour.

Custom printed boxes can also save you money. Shipping costs can be cut by using boxes cut in the sizes you need using the packaging materials of your choice.

Use Box Printing to Make the Right Impression

Printed boxes are perfect for adding something extra to make your packaging stand out. Getting your brand name or logo on a box can be useful for a number of reasons: branded cardboard boxes are more recognisable during transit and show a touch of quality when they arrive at a customer’s doorstep.

Learn more about how to use packaging to fuel your brand with our articles on building a brand, subscription box packaging, and unique packaging ideas.

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Customer satisfaction

Printed boxes impress your customers and give them a much better impression of your brand. Which would you rather use to package your products: a plain, unidentifiable brown cardboard box, or a printed box displaying your company’s name and logo? As well as helping to showcase your business, branded cardboard boxes also look more professional.

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Competitive pricing

Boxtopia is one of just a handful of companies in the UK that offers branded box printing on short runs of custom boxes. Buying personalised boxes from us means you can order a small number to try out at fantastic, competitive prices, so that you can make an informed decision on how your custom printed boxes should look, or order a small run for corporate events .

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All kinds of boxes

Our standard cardboard box styles (FEFCO 0201, 0203, 0409 and 0411) can be printed with black ink in short runs with no minimum quantity. If you want to make a big order we may be able to arrange for full colour box printing, but this is not available in lower quantities.

Custom Printed Box 0426 with the Boxtopia logo

Custom Printed Boxes with Logo

Single or Full Colour Printing

We offer single or full colour box printing of the highest quality for a range of applications from personalised boxes to corporate events.

Get in touch today to find out how our custom printed packaging experts can help you promote your brand with customised packaging boxes.

Custom Packaging Boxes

All of our customised packaging boxes can be printed. Use our box calculator to find the shape and size that will work for you.

Whatever it is that you’re looking for, our expert team is on hand to help you create the branded boxes you require. We can help you work out the whole order, including box types and printing requirements, if you get in touch.

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Custom Printed Cardboard Boxes

Corrugated Cardboard is perfect for custom printing to create high quality, cost-effective branded packaging boxes that are not only strong but also sustainable as they are fully recyclable.

Printing onto cardboard allows you to add your branding and logos to a strong packaging solution, and we can offer a print quality that will wow your customers and provide you with the brand recognition your company needs.

Custom packaging boxes not only perform a functional purpose but also act as promotional material for your company.

We can custom print in single or full colour on single or double walled corrugated boxes and also provide die cutting options for boxes of all shapes and sizes.

We have no minimum quantity for printed boxes so if you need a short-run we’re happy to help, ensuring custom packaging solutions at affordable prices. We service both large and small businesses.

Bespoke packaging boxes are our specialty, with our box calculator making the design process easy and flexible – all you need are the dimensions of the boxes required and we can get on with creating the customised packaging suitable for your requirements at an affordable price.

Custom Printed Boxes for Ecommerce

Now more than ever, with the continuing rise of ecommerce, first impressions of your brand are of paramount importance.

The good news is that with custom packaging design, the ability to shape those first impressions is in your grasp.

Printed packaging can be used to communicate how your company is different from your competitors and enhance the quality of your offering – packaging design is your secret weapon.

A great customer journey gives you a much better opportunity of securing repeat business, and we all know how cost-effective getting clientele to return in comparison to finding new customers.

Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

If delivering in bulk to retailers and international customers, using printed custom boxes for shipping will carry your brand wherever your products are going.

Custom Boxes with Logos

We can print your company’s logo, artwork or graphics on our wide range of premium packaging solutions in the colours you require.

We’ve provided custom printed boxes for a wide selection of different products ranging from boxes for wine bottles to heavy duty packaging for manufacturing industries. Product packaging customised with your logo takes your brand straight to the customer.

Box Logo Printing

Box Printing for Retail

Custom printed boxes are essential for retail. If you are a small business then how your products appear in your store will help influence how consumers feel about your brand, and make them feel they are buying into something special and of value. Find out more about the benefits of branded packaging.

You need to stand out in what is a very competitive market place. Printed packaging might be the factor that helps the customer decide on making your product their desired purchase.

Branding is all about the detail, so you will want to make use of box printing both for the retail products and the stock boxes you use on an everyday basis to send out goods to your business customers.

Printed Mailer and Gift Boxes

Our die-cut mailer boxes have a number of applications from storage to a gift box, and look especially smart when custom printed with logos and artwork.

Mailer boxes are used in many industries including cosmetics and food deliveries. Although these boxes come at a price higher than standard boxes, companies generally find the investment in product packaging pays off in the long run with repeat customers.

The self-locking design of die cut boxes adds to the customer experience as they can be made secure without the use of tape or adhesive – using your own branded labels at this point adds yet another opportunity to present a customised experience that will wow customers when receiving a new product or first order.

Custom Packaging Solutions

Once you’ve got to create your branded boxes, you’ll want to make sure you have the right packaging materials to make sure your produce will perfectly fit in your custom box and arrives safely with your customer.

From biodegradable packing peanuts to acid free tissue paper and mailing bags, we’ve got all of the accessories you need to complete your packaging solution.

Box Printing FAQs

Can I Print On Cardboard Boxes?

We at Boxtopia offer a printing service for 3mm single sheet corrugated cardboard, 6mm double sheet corrugated cardboard, and also our die-cut box options.

We have both black ink and coloured ink options available, depending on the size of your order.

How Do You Print On A Box?

We offer a digital printing service with black ink to create high-quality custom printing for all quantities, with no minimum order. We also print in high-quality colour ink for larger orders. Simply send over your logo/design in the desired format.

How Much Is It To Print On A Box?

Our custom printing service is reasonably priced among our competitors. Price varies on the size of the cardboard box you are wanting to print on and the size of your desired print.

Can I Print My Logo On A Cardboard Box?

We can digitally print your logo in high quality on a variety of our boxes so your product is readily customised to deliver straight to your customer.

Where Can I Get Custom Printed Boxes?

Here at Boxtopia, we offer a variety of cardboard box sizes and styles available for custom printing. We can create custom printed boxes with your logo or design onto a variety of our boxes available.

Where Can I Get Custom Printed Boxes For Shipping?

Boxtopia offers a variety of cardboard box sizes with custom printing for shipping, subscription services, and many other packaging needs to UK companies.

Where Can I Get Custom Printed Boxes With No Minimum Order?

Boxtopia offers a variety of cardboard box sizes for printing with single of full colour ink with no minimum order. Coloured ink can be offered in larger orders.

How Can I Get Packaging For My Product?

Using our box size guide, you can choose the perfect-sized packaging for your product. With a variety of styles and sizes available, you are sure to find the perfect packaging.


Recycled Cardboard: FSC Logo

FSC Compliant Sustainable Packaging

All of the cardboard we use is fully Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) compliant. Your boxes are made of board with recycled content between 70% to 100% and are 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable.