0201 single wall box - 350 x 235 x 525mm


Order single wall boxes with a length of 350 mm, a width of 235 mm and a height of 525 mm. These internal dimensions are equivalent to 13.8 x 9.3 x 20.1 inches. These boxes are available in packs of 25, with prices starting from £53.40, equivalent to £2.14 per box.

Quantity Price per box Total price Delivery charge
25 £2.136 £53.40 £15.02
50 £2.064 £103.20 £18.47
75 £1.968 £147.60 £29.30
100 £1.968 £196.80 £36.46

These 350 x 235 x 525 mm single wall boxes are part of our range of tall boxes. Bigger products that need to be transported upright are ideal for these boxes. They can also be used to hold a stack of smaller products or to hold items that require a large amount of protective packaging.

You don’t have to stick to the sizes in our shop if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for. Use our box calculator to get instant quotes for your own bespoke box size. Box printing services are also available, allowing you to add your logo or other graphics to your boxes.

For all other enquiries, please call the phone number at the top of the screen or send an email to info@boxtopia.co.uk.