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Boxtopia’s double wall cardboard boxes are perfect for shipping and packing small TVs – order online today.

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Recommended box for small TVs

TV boxes need to be sturdy and leave enough room for protective packaging.

Boxtopia’s large double wall boxes are ideal for transporting small TVs or desktop computer screens.

Made from a 6mm thick sheet of corrugated cardboard, our TV packing boxes are durable enough to withstand the weight of a TV and provide protection.

We can offer the standard Fefco 0201 style or, if you need added protection for a flat screen, the Fefco 0203 is the best option.

This cardboard TV box is excellent for packaging a small 22-inch TV with its stand (average unassembled dimensions of 130mm length x 380mm width x 660m height, although TVs vary in size so it is wise to check measurements first).

If the TV you wish to transport is a different size, then use our bespoke box calculator to create a custom box that fits your item perfectly or get in touch to find out more.

When contacting us please make sure you know the length, width, and height your TV beforehand so you can share that information with us. 

Printed TV boxes

Boxtopia’s TV boxes can be customised with text or printed logos. We can print in black only (the maximum print area being 210 mm x 70 mm high) – colour printing may be available for larger orders. To create a custom branded cardboard box for your TVs, speak to our team today.

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TV boxes for moving house

Our cardboard TV boxes are perfect for taking the worry out of transporting a television when moving to a new home, especially when paired with our other protective packaging products such as packing peanuts and bubble wrap.

Cardboard TV boxes for storage

If you need to put your television in storage, a TV packing box from Boxtopia will keep your TV safe, as our heavy duty double wall boxes are strong enough for stacking.

TV boxes for shipping

The strong durable construction of our high quality 6mm thick double wall corrugated cardboard boxes make them a great choice for shipping safely and securely offering a good level of protection.

The wide range of double walled cardboard boxes that we stock means that you’ll always find a cardboard box suitable for your needs at a competitive price.

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