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Depending on the carton style (die cut or standard), size and board grade, there might be a dimensional tolerance of +/- 4mm on the width, length and height

Using our box size guide, you can choose the perfect-sized boxes for your product. With a variety of styles and sizes available, you are sure to find the perfect bespoke packaging.

We are able to print on most of the bespoke boxes we make from just one box to much larger quantities in either one or full colour printing.

We provide a number of box sizes with custom printing for shipping, subscription services, and many other packaging needs to UK companies.

Here at Boxtopia, we offer a variety of box sizes and styles available for custom printing. We can create custom printed boxes with your logo or design onto a variety of our boxes available.

We can digitally print your logo in high quality on a variety of our boxes so your product is readily customised to deliver straight to your customer.

Our custom printing service is reasonably priced among our competitors. Price varies on the size of the cardboard box you are wanting to print on and the size of your desired print.

We offer a digital printing service using our Inkjet printer to create high quality custom printing for all quantities, with no minimum order. Simply send over your logo or custom design in the desired format.

We at Boxtopia offer a printing service for 3mm single sheet corrugated card, 6mm double sheet corrugated card, and also our die-cut box options.

We have both black ink and coloured ink options available, we are able to print on brown or white corrugated boxes.