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Packaging paper gives businesses a plastic-free way of keeping products protected and secure in transit. Boxtopia sells both single face corrugated paper and brown filla paper, both of which can function as protective packaging within a larger box or container.

To order these items, get in touch with us directly via phone or email. We will discuss your paper packaging requirements and give you a quote for the quantity of paper that you need.

Single face corrugated paper

Corrugated paper creates an effective protective layer within your packaging. The folds in the sheets create a strong buffer that will resist motion inside the box and doesn’t significantly increase the space taken up by whatever products are inside.

Our corrugated paper is sold in rolls, giving you a great source of packaging material from which you can cut pieces to size as needed. The price will depend on the quantity ordered, which you can discuss with our friendly team over the phone or email.

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Brown filla paper

Boxtopia’s filla paper is a thinner packaging option compared to corrugated paper. Instead of being used to create layers within a box or as a wrap around specific products, filla paper works best as a filler (as the name suggests). It is an alternative to non-recyclable polystyrene or plastic fillers, allowing you to scrunch it up and fit it into the gaps inside your boxes. Once there, it will cushion your products and stop them sliding around in transit.

Like our corrugated paper, our brown filla paper is sold in rolls. Get in touch with us to get a quote for the quantity you’re looking for or explore our other packaging accessories.

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