Polystyrene Void Filler


Polystyrene packing filler

Boxtopia’s void fill packaging of choice is a polystyrene filler that we sell in units of 5 cubic feet. We believe that this void fill option is a premium solution that caters to a wide range of product shipping situations. The material is lightweight and absorbs impact very well, particularly when in small chunks as it is here.

Why buy polystyrene void fill?

Our polystyrene packing chips provide a protective packaging solution to fill the void of any package. Our polystyrene peanuts help to keep your shipping costs down with their lightweight, yet cushioning, design. The polystyrene packaging filler can be used at any time, any place and can be easily disposed of. We also offer an environmentally friendly and biodegradable version made from natural products. For a piece of mind throughout the transit process, our versatile packaging

Other options

At Boxtopia, we always consider the environmental impact of our packaging solutions. Because of this, we are committed to dust, free, biodegradable void fillers that offer premium protection of your packaged item. If you would like more information about our products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.