Blue Stretch Wrap


Blue stretch wrap helps to keep your products protected against damage or loss. It will keep multiple packages together in one easy to spot bundle.

Our high-grade film is flexible and can mould around the shape of your bespoke boxes without any trouble. The handheld rolls are easy to apply without expensive machinery.

You can buy our hand stretch wrap in the colour blue so that you can make sure that it has been received at the correct destination, or use it for colour coding a particular item to make it easy to spot at all times. This co, in particular, is typically used in the food industry, but can also be used for general security purposes.

Using this product will help to keep your boxes safe and stable during transit and in difficult weather conditions. Your customers will see how dedicated you are to the quality of your products, helping to improve the image of your brand. Buy a single box of 6 rolls, or get discounts on multiple boxes.

For more information about our wraps, including colours, quantities and availability, see our stretch wrap page or inquire today.