Handy Wrap


Each box contains 10 rolls of clear high performance film and one dispenser, though if you already have a dispenser then contact us and we can give you a reduced price. The handy wrap film is clear so that the package can be more easily identified and it will make it obvious if the products are tampered with at any point.

The material of the film is strong and is able to glide and mould over sharp edges, rough surfaces and bespoke shapes of boxes, making it ideal for transportation.

The compact size of the handy wrap means that you can take it anywhere. If you feel that a small package needs extra protection then you can apply more film on the go. This product is perfect for you if you are looking for a small tool that is easy to use but gives professional results.

For further information about getting a reduced price if you have a dispenser already and any other questions, please enquire with us today.

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