Cost Effective Ways to Brand Your Packaging

Creating branded packaging doesn’t need to be expensive and is an essential part of the customer experience . Follow our top tips to get the most out of your packaging budget.

Research shows that packaging matters significantly to customers and the perception of your brand. And whilst luxury brands have long understood this, it doesn’t mean quality packaging will have an impact on your profit margins. When the time comes to box products we’ve put together a complete guide to creating cost effective branding for your company.

Don’t Overcomplicate It

Packaging with custom branding does not need to be expensive or complicated. Keeping it simple is a great way to start thinking about custom packaging.

Printed cardboard boxes featuring your logo on your custom packaging is a cost effective way to project your brand image to your customers.

Think Monochrome: Use One Colour

Costs generally increase when printing in more than one colour on packaging materials.

Using just one colour will both keep costs down and be more striking: black ink will stand out on a brown cardboard box and potentially be more effective than using a number of colours. the majority of big brands use a single colour for their logo – think Coca Cola or Starbucks. So not only is using one colour when you print your logo on packaging, you are following the lead of some hugely successful brands,

custom box

Print on Just One Side of the Box

Printing on more than one side of your packaging will increase costs. It could be argued that printing on just one side, the top for example, is just as effective as a packaging solution to impress your customers.

Packaging Inserts

Packaging inserts are a proven tactic in increasing customer loyalty and can be very low cost – for example business cards could easily be used. Inserts are also an opportunity to cross-sell or promote discounts. As you will have already paid to send the package there are no increased costs in terms of postage. Brands can use inserts to ask for reviews or share on social.

Stickers on Boxes

Packaging stickers are a great way to add to the unboxing experience and you don’t need to use custom designs – your logo may well be enough to reinforce your brand. Die cut boxes don’t need tape to fasten securely, but when paired with a packaging sticker will add appeal to your customer’s perception of your brand.

Use Coloured Cardboard

Using coloured cardboard will increase costs but this could be balanced out by the quality of the branded experience your customer will get. Using black cardboard or white cardboard packages your product away from the standard brown carton and may very well fit in with your brand offer.

Keep Branding Consistent

Using the same logo or design across all of your packaging supplies – from larger boxes for transportation and subscription boxes for end customers – will not only be cost effective but also keep your branding consistent.

Good Packaging is Essential

Cheap packaging is not necessarily cost effective. If your customer receives goods that are damaged or it looks as though packaging corners have been cut with wrongly sized packaging, that won’t leave a lasting impression and lead to repeat buys. Good quality custom printed boxes don’t have to be expensive. Get in touch for a quote today.


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