Custom Boxes With Logo

Dick Pearce Custom Shipping Box With Two Colour Logo

Having your logo on a custom printed box is the ideal way to take your branding to the next level. Custom packaging featuring your logo gets your brand right to the customer and creates a lasting impression when your products are delivered.

Adding a logo to your packaging is a low cost way to promote your company. Adding a logo will improve the visibility of your brand in a wide range of applications – from retail and in-store to ecommerce and home delivery.

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We can provide bespoke custom boxes with both full colour and single colour logo printing and as wholesale packaging suppliers we can give you the opportunity to choose the exact number of boxes you require.

Custom Packaging

Design matters when it comes to packaging, providing both protection and safe transport for your products and custom boxes with a logo will get the attention of consumers and create an essential touch-point for your brand.

Affordable Printed Packaging

Digital printing has revolutionised packaging making branded and personalised boxes an affordable option for small businesses. Digital delivers incredible quality & low costs when dealing with low quantities compared to traditional printing.

At Boxtopia we have no minimum quantity when it comes to printing your logo on short runs of boxes and we’re one of the only companies in the United Kingdom to do so. So if you need to create sample or experimental line, or just a one-off, we’re the ideal choice for bespoke customised packaging.

Single Colour Logo Printing

Strong Water Custom Mailer Box With Single Colour Logo

Many big brands stick to a single colour when it comes to their logo – think Coca Cola or Starbucks – so if your business goes down this route when it comes to custom packaging, you are in very good company.

Full Colour Logo Printing

Two colour logo printed on cardboard box

Using more than one colour with your logo gives you more options when it comes to getting creative and works well against single colour cardboard boxes – whether that’s the standard brown or white cardboard.

Packaging Boxes with a Logo

We can offer custom packaging boxes printed with your company’s logo at a competitive price with no minimum print run.

We can offer a custom boxes in a wide variety of styles that provide packaging solutions for a number of business uses. We’ve created custom boxes with logos for companies with products ranging from cosmetics and laptops to surfboards and beer making kits.

Mailer Boxes

Custom Mailer Box With Single Colour Logo

Mailer boxes are ideal when it comes to eCommerce and gift boxes. Mailer boxes are “die cut” from a single sheet of cardboard using a die cutting machine and slot together without any need for tape or glue. This makes mailer boxes a neat and stylish way of packaging products.

Even the most simple logo or icon design printed on a mailer box adds to the overall feeling of quality a customer gets when receiving product shipped to them. Online shopping can see a disconnect between customers and a brand but custom packaging with your logo helps establish a relationship between the two.

Shipping Boxes

Lawn Club Custom Shipping Box With Logo
Whilst mailer boxes are great for smaller goods your company might need custom packaging on a bigger scale for shipping or retail use. Our high quality double wall cardboard boxes offer a supremely safe and secure way to deliver your products that can be customised both to the dimensions you need and with your logo or artwork.

Sustainable Custom Boxes

When we’re creating your company’s custom boxes featuring your logo, all of the cardboard we use is fully Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) compliant. Your packaging is manufactured from cardboard made from recycled content of 70-100% and the boxes are 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable.

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