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Small Postal Boxes

Buy small parcel boxes from Boxtopia today. Our single wall boxes are perfect for lightweight items. Small boxes need to be sturdy enough to protect their contents at the same time as being lightweight and cost-effective.

Boxtopia’s small single wall boxes are ideal for posting all kinds of small items. Light, strong, and flexible, these boxes don’t waste material when packaging items that aren’t too heavy, so are great for the environment. We can make any size with our box calculator to suit your particular needs.

Please note that the products above are just examples of some of the smaller sizes we can make. Boxtopia makes fully bespoke boxes and you can get a full quote with our Box Calculator.

These small boxes are perfect for lightweight items. There are bigger sizes available if you need to send something a bit bigger, although double wall boxes may be more appropriate.

Postal Boxes

If you’re looking for something bigger than a small postal box? Take a look at our full range of postal boxes and we’re sure you’ll find the packaging you need.

Die cut boxes

We are also able to offer die cut boxes. As the name suggests, a die or tool is required to make this style of box. We can custom make to a required size or if you are more flexible, we have over 200 dies in stock – we have just shown a small selection of sizes available on our website. Usually this style of box does not require tape to seal.

Printed boxes

We offer a full box printing service. All of Boxtopia’s boxes can be customised with your branding, logo or artwork. To create a custom branded package for your boxes, speak to our team today.

Don’t forget that there is only a small selection of sizes for any box style on the internet. As we make to order, we can manufacture boxes to ANY size. Give us a call to see how we can help you.