Custom Die Cut Boxes

Shop online with Boxtopia for competitively priced die cut boxes, available in a variety of colours and sizes and in either the FEFCO 0426 or FEFCO 0427 style. Die-cut boxes slot together with no need for tape, making them easy to assemble and even more environmentally friendly.

Available in standard brown, white, and black, our die cut boxes make a great impression with your packaging. We have several templates that will fit through a standard UK letterbox and some will even fit the large letter postal size.

Choose from the sizes below or build your own box.

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Die Cut Boxes

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We can make die cut boxes to almost any size, but there may be a setup cost for some templates. Please get in touch and we can work with you to get you what you need.

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Die cut cardboard boxes

Die cut boxes are particularly useful for postal boxes and any strategy that involves making a great impression with your packaging. It’s easy to give customers a unique, branded experience by printing a logo on the outside or inside of the fold over lids in up to four colours.

Measuring Items for Your Die Cut Boxes

When choosing your box, remember that all measurements listed are for the internal dimensions of the box and in millimeters. Visit our cardboard box size guide for more information on measuring your items and find the box that’s right for you.

If you can’t find the size you’re looking for, just get in touch.

What is a die cut box?

A die cut box is a box cut from sheets of single wall corrugated cardboard using a die cutting machine. Die cut boxes slot together without any need for packing tape and are robust enough for a number of packing uses.

Our die cut boxes are perfect for postal campaigns featuring your products or where you require high quality packaging boxes.

Our range of die cut packaging boxes

We stock a wide range of die-cut boxes in a variety of colours and lengths, heights & widths. All of our boxes are constructed from high quality kraft 3mm single wall corrugated cardboard. If you really want to showcase your brand we offer custom printed die cut boxes.

FEFCO 0426 boxes

Our FEFCO 0426 die cut boxes are known as pizza-style boxes due to the way they open. FEFCO 0426 boxes are available in brown, white, blue, and black so you can choose the perfect colour for your brand.

FEFCO 0427 boxes

FEFCO 0427 die cut boxes have full flaps at the front and sides, with the front flap folding over and tucking into the slots on the box sides. FEFCO 0427 boxes are strong and sturdy, and available in brown, white, blue or black cardboard.

Subscription boxes

Die cut boxes are perfect for use as subscription boxes. Subscription services, whether chocolate, coffee or beauty products, have never been more popular.

Die cut boxes offer a great way to present your products as the boxes need no tape due to their slotted construction which also gives you the opportunity for custom branding, sure to give your customers a memorable experience. Find out more about subscription box packaging.

Custom Die Cut Boxes

We can create bespoke custom die cut boxes manufactured to your company’s specifications, whether that’s mailer boxes, delivery or product boxes. Use our custom box calculator to choose the size, material, and quantity that you require. We can also print your logo or whatever design you need to create the customer experience your business is looking for.

We use only the best quality materials that are 100% recyclable to lessen the environmental impact of our packaging. And you only have to look at our company’s testimonials to know that we offer a great customer service, tailored to whatever your needs are.

No Minimum Order

As a specialist cardboard manufacturer we can supply very short runs of die-cut boxes along with whatever packaging accessories you need from void fill to stretch film. We can offer you the complete packaging solution to ensure your customer receives your products with the protection they need to receive them in perfect condition.

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Die Cut Boxes FAQs

Die-cutting in packaging is a process in which a die-cut machine is used to make incisions in cardboard to create a single, foldable template. A mold, or “die”, is pressed into the cardboard.

Dating back to 1300-50 dies referred to stamping processes, such as creating coins or casting of items made from dies. Die-cutting came around in the 1800’s, when the die-cutter was invented to assist in mass production.

Die-cut boxes are versatile styles of packaging that can be made into many customised shapes. Die-cut boxes are designed to fold into themselves and relinquish the need for additional tape or adhesive to seal the box.

Carton boxes are another term for folded cardboard boxes. They are specifically designed to hold contents and require adhesive or tape to keep themselves closed.

Die-cutting is useful for creating bespoke boxes for particular needs. They are perfect for subscription box packaging as they fit all the contents of the box comfortably, whilst being size efficient enough to minimize your postage costs.

Here at Boxtopia, our high-quality die-cut boxes are affordable with no minimum order.

At Boxtopia we offer a range of custom printing services for a variety of cardboard box styles, including our traditional flat-packed shipping boxes and die-cut mailer boxes. We offer both black logo printing and colour logo printing.

Die-cut boxes are made from high-quality kraft single-sheet 3mm single-sheet corrugated cardboard. This makes them foldable yet durable during transit.