Build your ideal bespoke box

At Boxtopia, we’re specialists in bespoke cardboard boxes and packaging, therefore it’s only natural that we give our customers absolute freedom to create the exact box they need. We allow you to take every design factor into consideration, helping you to create fully bespoke packaging boxes. Not only can you alter the size of the custom box, but the box type, cardboard thickness and colour, too.

When you’re happy with your box design, simply add however many you need to your cart! If you’re searching for custom boxes for wholesale use, enter your required quantity to see the total cost of the order, as well as how that breaks down per box. Play around with the calculator to test different configurations and find the one that works best for your requirements and budget.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Choose your box type: Choose between standard boxes (0201), boxes with larger opening flaps (0203) and folding boxes (0411). We also sell die cut boxes/postal boxes (0426 and 0427), which you can buy from our cardboard box shop.
  2. Choose your cardboard thickness: Your box can be made from lightweight 3mm ‘single wall’ board or from stronger 6mm ‘double wall’ board.
  3. Choose your box colour: You can stick with the standard brown, or add some individuality to your packaging with blue, black or white cardboard.
  4. Choose your box size: Set each of the three dimensions to the size you require. Remember, these dimensions are for the inside of the box, not the outside.

Quick guide to our custom box types

0201 – the classic

Our standard sized custom cardboard boxes are quick to assemble whilst offering great protection for your goods when sealed up with parcel tape. The four flaps fit together perfectly, covering all edges with only a bit of tape needed to seal them tight.

0203 – the alternative

The 0203 is an alternative box type to the 0201 that gives the whole structure a little more rigidity. Instead of meeting in the middle, the flaps on the top and bottom each fold all the way across the box. This means that all your tape is applied to the strong vertices, rather than down the centre of one of the flat faces.

0411 – the wrap

This is one of our wrap boxes that is easy to wrap around the product and meet in the middle, or down the edge. The ends of the box fold inside the box and will need to be secured with tape. This box is especially great for books and painting, but can carefully be adjusted to suit your desired size.

Add logos for a fully bespoke box

If you want to add further branding or personalisation to your boxes, get in touch with us to discuss our printed box service.

"We have always found your service very friendly, quick, efficient and affordable. The ability to do small runs has helped us enormously enabling us to try new lines which has resulted in us being able to expand our business."

J Weiss

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"Vale Pack not only make excellent boxes to your required size – their service is quick, friendly and efficient. If you run out in the middle of an order – they inevitably rush to make extra!"

J Duff

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