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Build your custom cardboard box

At Boxtopia, we’re specialists in customising cardboard boxes and packaging, so it’s only natural that we give our customers absolute freedom to create the exact box they need. We allow you to take every design factor into consideration, helping you to create fully personalised packaging boxes. Not only can you alter the size of the box, but the type, cardboard thickness, and colour (single wall only), too.

When you’re happy with your box design, simply add the quantity you require (*up to 200 boxes) to your cart! Play around with the calculator to test different configurations and find the one that works best for your requirements and budget.
*Any quantity over 200 will require a bespoke price so please feel free to contact us directly on

Here’s how you do it…

Everything you need to get packing.
  • Choose your box type: Choose between standard boxes (0201), boxes with full width opening flaps (0203) and wraps or folding boxes (0411). We also sell die cut boxes/postal boxes (most common styles being 0426 and 0427). You can buy from our cardboard box shop but this only gives a selection of sizes. We can produce any style or any size you need.
  • Choose your cardboard thickness: Your box can be made from lightweight 3mm ‘single wall’ board or from stronger 6mm ‘double wall’ board.
  • Choose your box colour: You can stick with the standard brown, or, on our single wall boxes, you can add some individuality to your packaging with black or white cardboard.


Measure the length, width and height of the item in millimetres.

Note: if you use bubblewrap this may add up to 20 mm to the size of the finished item, depending on how much wrap is used.


Add up to 5 mm to the length, width and height to allow for manoeuvrability. The final dimensions will be internal measurements for the box


Enter the chosen dimensions into Boxtopia’s Box Calculator or phone our office for recommendations.

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the boxes – absolutely perfect for storing our Xmas trees

Jenny C

Thanks for that. I appreciate your help with my telescopic box.

I thought you might like to know what the box is for so I enclosed picture of the ‘artwork’ that is to be transported to an exhibition in Chester.

Robin B

Hello, Just a quick word to say how impressed I am with the sleeves we ordered from you recently. We are not huge users of custom packaging but we have had three 0411 orders from another box company in the last year and yours is much superior both in the quality of the board and the accuracy of the folds. I’m sure we’ll be doing more business with you in future.

Les H

Hi, A quick note to confirm that I received my boxes yesterday – and I would like to say thank you. My intended contents fit perfectly into each box (very satisfying).
Thanks again. I look forward to making future orders.

Dominic R

Hi , Just wanted to thank you for the box you made for me
It arrived today as promised & it’s perfect
Thank you so much
Kind regards
Jacqui x

Jacqui W

Just a quick message to say the items arrived today in perfect condition and the boxes are spot on perfect, they fit the items we need to package up exactly as required.

Many thanks for the great product and I will most certainly use you again for any custom sized boxes that I need in the future and will recommend your services to friends and family.

Mark U

just a quick note to let you know that I am very pleased with the boxes I ordered. Certainly far better than I had expected and were also nicely packed. Thank you I’ll contact you again when I need more.

John B

I know about the products you supply.. your website is self-explanatory. I will definitely be using you again.


Thank you very much. The boxes have arrived and I must say, are of very high quality.
You can expect a larger order from us soon!

Rami M.

Amazing! Perfect! Thank you. I will be ordering 30 boxes at the end of the month, I will be most likely to use your website every time for boxes, so thank you again, you’re the cheapest I could find!

D Collinson

My order has now been received and the contents are ideal for my purpose, I wish to thank you for your very prompt, friendly and efficient service.

Robert W.

We found Boxtopia online and we’ve never looked back. Quality is excellent and the price is great too. We couldn’t run as well as we do without Boxtopia.

Yours for Keeps

We have always found your service very friendly, quick, efficient and affordable. The ability to do small runs has helped us enormously enabling us to try new lines which has resulted in us being able to expand our business.

J Weiss

Vale Pack not only make excellent boxes to your required size – their service is quick, friendly and efficient. If you run out in the middle of an order – they inevitably rush to make extra!

J Duff

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Quick guide to our custom cardboard box types

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FEFCO 0201 Box

The Industry Standard Packing Carton

Our standard style custom cardboard boxes are quick to assemble whilst offering great protection for your goods when sealed up with parcel tape. 0201 boxes are perfect for packaging goods safely for shipping or storage. The simple economical design with top and bottom flaps make the box both strong and rigid, and easy to put together. We can custom make this industry standard packing box to provide the perfect fit for your products.

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FEFCO 0203 Box

Full Overlap for Greater Strength

The 0203 is an alternative box type to the 0201 that gives the whole structure even more rigidity and is ideal for fragile goods that require more protection. Instead of meeting in the middle, the flaps on the top and bottom each fold all the way across the box. The 0203 also looks neater than the 0201 if a very small custom box is required. The overlap offered by the design of the 0203 box gives a stronger box for safer transportation and storage. So if you need a custom box for heavyweight packaging, the FEFCO 0203 is the choice for you.

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FEFCO 0411 Box

Folder Type Packaging

This is one of our folder-type custom boxes that is easy to wrap around the product and meets in the middle. The box is made out of one piece of cardboard and hinged. The ends of the box fold inside the box and will need to be secured with tape. This box is ideal as custom packaging for flat pack furniture products and uses such as boxes for books and paintings.

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Add logos for a fully branded custom cardboard box

If you want to add further branding or personalisation to your boxes, get in touch with us to discuss our box printing service.

Custom Packaging Boxes

Our custom boxes are the perfect packaging solution for any number of box uses including product boxes, food boxes and shipping boxes.

Our high quality boxes are also eco friendly being 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable. Here at Boxtopia we offer you a winning combination of excellent quality with a great service at an affordable price.

Customising Boxes for Your Products

Our combination of three different types of box, with single or double walled corrugated cardboard and a choice of colours paired with customised sizing gives you a wide variety of boxes that will certainly fulfill your packaging requirements. Choosing the design, material and size will give you the bespoke boxes that you need.

Custom Printed Boxes

We also offer custom box printing services. Printed packaging is a great opportunity for your brand to stand out from your competitors with packing boxes that will make an immediate impression on your customers.

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