10 Christmas Cardboard Ideas: Have Yourself A Merry Cardboard Christmas

November 11 2021

We've put to gather a list of ideas for Christmas cardboard decorations for the festive season using our favourite material - cardboard!

Have yourself a Merry Cardboard Christmas by reusing and recyling your cardboard boxes into decorations that will wow your family.

A DIY Christmas

You can spend a fortune on Christmas decorations so why not turn your hand to a bit of crafting and decorate your home with some cardboard Christmas decorations?

Cardboard Christmas decorations are great for many reasons including:

  • Saving the environment – by making recycled decorations you’re using materials you already have – and they can be recycled again or kept for next Christmas
  • A chance to get creative– just think of the satisfaction you’ll get from making your own decorations
  • Cheap – you won’t need to go the shops or order Christmas decorations online if you create them yourself

Crafts are taking over the internet and doing it yourself is the new rock and roll. Making your own decorations can be simple and easy – and something the kids can help with.

Cardboard Christmas Decorations for the Win!

We’re going to get the holiday season underway by sharing with you some of the brilliant cardboard ornaments and decorations we’ve seen recently.

If you’re looking for a tutorial on how to make reindeer from toilet paper rolls, a garland to hand on your mantel or a special centrepiece for your Christmas table, you’ve come to the right place.

1. Cardboard Reindeer

We love this cardboard Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer. What could look cuter on your wall?

2. Christmas Cardboard Fireplace

Is there anything more Christmassy than snuggling up beside a roaring fire? This cardboard fireplace might not keep you warm but it won’t cost you an arm and a leg in fuel or harm the environment. And it will look absolutely fabulous as part of your Christmas decor!

3. Christmas Cardboard Houses

Ohhh now we love these. Christmas houses made from cardboard and painted with some white primer to give a classy cool finish that’s offset by an artificial wreath and lit from within. Lovely!

4. Christmas Cardboard Wreath

Now this will cheer up any front door – a cardboard magnolia wreath painted gold for your front door – this looks absolutely timeless – what a lovely way to welcome your guests at Christmas!

5. Christmas Cardboard Box

Cardboard boxes – this idea is right up our street 🙂 We love the corrugated paper banding and with the lace, holly and sleigh-bell combo you’ve got a gift beautifully wrapped in cardboard.

6. Cardboard Garlands

Now these Christmas cardboard garlands will take some craft and effort on your part but when finished won’t look out of place in grand country house such as Chatsworth or the charming Haddon Hall.

7. Christmas Star

You’ll need something to put on the top of your Christmas tree so why not choose this sparkling Christmas star made out of your favourite cereal box.

8. Christmas Angel

Well, if it’s not to be a star at the top of your Christmas tree then it’s got to be and angel. And what a gorgeous one this is.

9. Another Cardboard Reindeer!

Another reindeer you say! We might be repeating ourselves but these reindeer made from toilet paper rolls are very very cute and making them will keep you and the kids very busy.

10. A Cardboard Christmas Tree

You can’t have Christmas without a Christmas tree so why not make it a cardboard tree? This tree is wonderfully crafted and eco friendly. We love how the candles sit on the end of the branches. You could recycle this Christmas tree but why would you want to? It will fold down to a packable size and can be stored safely in the loft until the next Christmas.

Want some more Chrsitmas fun? Take a look at the fun Christmas facts that we’ve put together for you.

We hope you found our list of cardboard Christmas decorations suitably festive and inspiring. Make sure you share your Christmas cardboard ideas with us!

Custom Cardboard Boxes

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