Guitar Shipping Boxes

Our guitar shipping boxes are constructed from high quality heavy duty double walled cardboard and are the perfect choice for packaging guitars for shipping or storage.

Suited for both acoustic guitars or electric guitars, our guitar boxes are available with no minimum order or quantity.

Great for Electric and Acoustic Guitars

When you’re shipping guitars your main concern is that the packaging you use offers maximum protection and that the guitars arrive safely and securely to your customer as intended.

Our boxes are strong and robust method for shipping your guitar. Along with our packaging accessories you have a secure and reliable means of shipping guitars without risking any damage.
Cardboard guitar box

An Eco-Friendly Guitar Shipping Box

As well as being strong, stylish and cost-effective, our guitar shipping boxes are eco-friendly too! All of the cardboard we use is:

  • FSC compliant
  • Made from 70-100% recycled material
  • Fully recyclable
  • 100% biodegradable.

Custom Guitar Boxes

As well as our standard sizes, we can also create guitar boxes that are exactly tailored to the dimensions you need – so if you are looking at shipping box for a Doubleneck Gibson that’s something we’d be happy to sort out!

Printed Shipping Boxes

We also offer box printing – so can give your customers quality branded packaging to experience when they receive your products. Branded packaging is an important part of the customer journey, from purchasing through to receiving delivery.

Bubble Wrap

We also sell all the accessories you need to keep your guitars safe in transit. When adding protection to your guitar shipping box you might want make use of:

Guitar Box Sizes and Price

We stock two sizes of guitar boxes in our standard range.

  • 410mm x 130mm x 1100mm
  • 505mm x 200mm x 1270mm


Guitar Boxes 410mm x 130mm x 1100mm

Qty Price Price inc. VAT
1 off £8.90 £10.68
2 off @ £6.40 per box £12.80 £15.36
3 off @ £5.65 per box £16.95 £20.34
5 off @ £5.65 per box £28.25 £33.90
10 off @ £5.65 per box £56.50 £67.80

Get in touch to order.

Guitar Boxes 505mm x 200mm x 1270mm

Qty Price Price inc. VAT
1 off @ £12.29 £12.29 £14.75
2 off @ £10.57 £21.14 £25.37
3 off @ £10.57 £31.71  £38.05
5 off @ £10.57 £52.85 £63.42
10 off @ £10.57 £105.70 £126.84

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If neither of these is the size of cardboard guitar box you need – use our box calculator to find the one you do.

Guitar Shipping Advice

There are some steps you can take to make sure that you minimise the risk and disappointment of the guitar arriving damaged at it’s destination. The process is the same whether it is an electric or acoustic guitar or even a bass.

  1. Loosen the guitar strings. This will decrease the tension in the neck
  2. Secure all removable parts. If your electric guitar has a whammy bar then detach it and wrap it separately
  3. Keep the strings away from the fretboard by using packing paper
  4. If your guitar is in a hard case add packing paper in any empty space to stop the guitar moving around
  5. Pay special attention to the neck. This is where most problems can occur – again packing paper or bubble wrap might be the answer.
  6. Be careful around the headstock – you don’t want to over-pack here – if the rest of the guitar is secure then leave some space around it.
  7. Give the box a gentle shake to make sure there’s no movement inside. If there is none, you’re good to go and ready to ship.
  8. If you are using one of our guitar shipping boxes not having a hardcase is not a problem, just make sure you take the same steps as above.
  9. We’re blessed with plenty of courier options in the UK so, when sending to your recipient, you  can take your choice from the Royal Mail, DHL, or DPD for starters.