Cardboard Bike Boxes

Whether you’re a cycling enthusiast needing to transport your bike, a manufacturer looking for efficient packaging, or a retailer aiming to provide better shipping options, our heavy duty double wall cardboard bicycle boxes offer maximum protection. Constructed from double walled cardboard for extra strength our boxes are ideal for keeping large narrow objects (like bicycles!) safe.

We create bicycle packaging for retailers and individuals  – you can either use our custom box calculator to order your boxes or get in touch.

Cardboard Bicycle Boxes for Transportation or Storage

cardboard bicycle box with carry handles
Our cardboard bike boxes are specifically designed for shipping or storage of bicycles. They offer protection against physical impacts, scratches, and environmental factors, ensuring that bikes reach their destination in perfect condition. And if you are looking to store

We supply custom cardboard boxes with no minimum order and whatever length, width and height you need as we specialise in bespoke solutions for our customers with no minimum order number.

Key Features

  • Material: Made from sturdy double wall corrugated cardboard our boxes are durable and lightweight.
  • Eco-friendly: Our cardboard is made from 70-100% recyclable materials and is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.
  • Size and Fit: Available in various sizes to accommodate different types of bikes.
  • Customisability: We can customise in terms of size, shape, and branding as we offer box printing services.

Types of Cardboard Bicycle Boxes

Standard Bike Boxes

  • Ideal for most road bikes and standard bicycles.
  • Dimensions typically allow for a partially disassembled bike.

Large Bike Boxes

  • Designed for larger bikes such as a mountain bike or electric bike.
  • Extra space for additional padding and protection.

Custom Bike Boxes

  • Tailored to specific bike models or your unique requirements.
  • Offers the highest level of protection and fit.

Benefits of Using Cardboard Bicycle Boxes


  • Impact Resistance: Shields the bike from impacts during transit.
  • Scratch Prevention: Prevents scratches and other surface damage.


  • Easy Assembly and Disassembly: Simplified packing process.
  • Lightweight: Easy to handle and transport.


  • Recyclable Material: The cardboard is sustainable and recyclable.
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint: Lightweight nature leads to lower shipping emissions, and cost of course!

Customisation Options

  • Branding: Adding logos and brand colors.
  • Size and Shape: Adjustments to fit specific bike models.
  • Additional Features: Handles, reinforced corners, or custom inserts.

Packing Tips and Best Practices

  • Disassembling the Bicycle: Steps for safely disassembling your bike for packing.
  • Internal Padding: Using foam, bubble wrap, or other materials for added protection.
  • Sealing and Labeling: Ensuring the box is securely sealed and properly labeled.


Q: Are cardboard bike boxes reusable?
A: Yes, they are often reusable if they remain in good condition after use.

Q: Can I check a cardboard bike box on an airplane?
A: Yes, most airlines accept cardboard bike boxes as checked luggage, but it’s best to check specific airline regulations.

Q: How much does a cardboard bike box typically weigh?
A: The weight can vary, but they are generally designed to be lightweight for easier handling.

Our cardboard bike boxes are an essential solution for safely transporting bicycles. Their durability and eco-friendly nature make them a popular choice for cyclists and businesses alike. By understanding the different types, benefits, and best practices, you can ensure your bike travels securely and arrives in excellent condition.

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