Christmas Tree Storage Boxes

Our long double walled cardboard boxes are perfect for storing artificial Christmas trees or packaging them for transit.

The high quality heavy duty double walled cardboard our Christmas tree storage boxes are constructed from is the ideal strong material essential to keep your artificial Christmas tree safely stored at home whether that’s in your garage, loft, shed or spare room.

Christmas Tree Storage Box Sizes

A long Christmas tree box that opens from the side.
We can provide Christmas tree storage boxes in sizes such as:

Storage Box Price
Long Box (0201 double wall 1050mm length x 450mm width x 450mm height) £21.87
Tall Box (0201 double wall 450mm length x 450mm width x 1050mm height) £12.29

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Custom-sized Tree Storage

Need a different size? We specialize in short run custom cardboard boxes with no minimum order quantity. What’s more, if your Christmas tree storage boxes are for your business we can offer box printing.

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Storage Box for Baubles

A Christmas tree is not complete without Christmas decorations, and at the end of the festive season you’ll be needing to store these as well. Our cardboard bauble boxes will keep your treasured family ornaments safe in the attic for next year. Cardboard dividers will keep decorations secure.

0201 double wall 455 x 455 x 230 mm would be £8.90 with the dividers @ £1.85 per set total £10.75

Buying Both Together?

If you buy the long storage box and bauble box together the cost for both will be £32.92 plus carriage at £13.09,

If you buy the tall storage box and bauble box together the cost for both will be £23.04 plus carriage at £13.09.

100% Recyclable and Fully Biodegradable

The great thing about cardboard tree storage boxes is that once you’ve finished using them they are 100% recyclable and fully biodegradable which probably won’t be the case with most plastic boxes. And cardboard boxes generally take up less space, giving you more room in your loft.

Need a Cardboard Box for Something Else?

We stock a wide range of cardboard boxes for a variety of packing & storage solutions – take a look at our boxes for packaging.